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Sarah L Meyer

There are people who will not be satisfied with anything.
However I maintain a website, which is not password protected, and this
is what I do: For my family, I remove all dates for the living people
and upon request will also eliminate place and change the first name to
living. For two individuals, I go one step further and only use Mrs.
Married Surname. One of these was concerned about being identified as
Jewish (religion is not part of the included data) and the other one's
husband was concerned about identity theft. The woman who was concerned
about Jewish, did not realize that if I put in Mrs. X, that I might do
that just as a placeholder and it did not refer to her. On the other
hand the person who was concerned about identity theft was very
satisfied with this solution. Because of the way that I construct my
site I re edit my files with every update.

For my husbands family, I also keep a list of people whose first
names get changed to living. In this case the software (I have two
different genealogy programs) will automatically remove all dates and
places for living people.

However, I have had many more emails >from people who were delighted to
find themselves and their family tree than the other way around, much
like the lovely message that John Simmons included on this post.

Sarah L. M. Christiansen
Georgetown, TX

I had a similar experience. I put together a family blog that
initially was really well received and we got into contact with several
"lost" relatives.

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