World War I Army Record : Reichsbund juedischer Frontsoldaten #germany

Yvonne Stern

In reference to Walter ELIAS question about Jewish soldiers in World War I,
I'd like to remind that at war's end the League of Jewish Frontline Soldiers -
Reichsbund juedischer Frontsoldaten -RJF was formed . About 100.000 Jews
living in the Reich had enlisted,in the Army, Navy and Colonial Forces ,
of whom about 12,000 were killed . Forcibly closed in 1934, the League was
re-established in 2006 under the name Bund Juedischer Soldaten (RjF) e.V.
You should ask them about your grandfather..

Season's Greetings >from Yvonne Stern, Rio de Janeiro yvonne.stern17@...

Walter Elias, St. Louis Park, Minnesota wselias@... asked:
"Searching for the military record of my grandfather, Isidor ELIAS,
b. 4 July 1871 in KIRBURG, Westerwaldkreis, Germany. He served in
Romania during his time in the military. Any assistance appreciated."

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