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I have a photograph on my web site of a large group, taken at Bad Kudowa
in 1922:

My grandmother was staying at the Hotel Austria and is in the
photograph, towards the back. There may have been another (female) guest
there by the name of RAPAPORT, to whom my great uncle refers in one of
his postcards to my grandmother while she was there.

I have had these cards a long time and it has always puzzled me that my
grandmother would have gone to such a place all the way >from her home in
London. The main puzzle is that the cards, although sent to the hotel
and clearly marked "fir Frau Rosenberg", were addressed to Hern POLAK.
Would this have been the hotel owner? Why would he have addressed the
cards in this way?

>from what he writes, we are beginning to suspect that there might have
been a relative in Kudowa, maybe the wife of Herr Polak? We know that
there was a sister even though we do not know her name. The postcards,
in Yiddish (I have translations of these), are linked to >from the same
page. If you recognise anybody in the picture, or know how I might
discover more about the Polaks, please let me know.

Many thanks,

Sue Clamp
Cambridgeshire, UK

Searching: ROSENBERG (Warsaw and Serock), SKOWRONEK, HERSZENKRUG,

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