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Don Solomon

Apart >from garden-variety suggestions (e.g., get correct maiden name
from SS-5, passenger list, etc.; get vital records clerk to review
all licenses for the week of the supposed marriage), it occurs to me
that Pennsylvania at one time (and perhaps still) recognized
common-law marriages. Perhaps Uncle made up an approximate date and
the court let it go at that.


At 6:51 AM -0800 12/23/2008, hilary@... wrote:
And I have a problem related to this related problem.

My great-uncle lived in New York City his whole life after
immigrating. Unable to find his record of marriage to his first
wife (circa 1911), I sent in a request for his divorce file, with a
handwritten note that I was hoping to learn the date and place of
his marriage. The clerk wrote back that the file was sealed by law,
but that my great-uncle had married in Philadelphia on a certain

He didn't.

I had Philadelphia genners physically go to the indexes without
success, and I have used whatever online resources are available.
Neither he nor his first wife are listed under any name variation I
can think of.
Don Solomon <dsolomon@...>

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