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Jeffrey Mark Paull

I am searching for information on the POLONSKY ancestral line descending
from Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz (1726-1791), through his daughter Sarah Rachel
Sheindel, and her husband, R' Shmuel. The only descendants that I know of
is >from a single ancestral line, represented by their son R' Aharon, their
grandson R' Eliahu Pinchas, their great-grandson, R' Menachem Nahum, their
3rd-great-grandson, R' Abraham Yitchak Polonsky (1850-1899), and their
4th-great-grandson, R' Shimshon Aharon Polonsky, which is the lineage that
is cited in the Unbroken Chain.

I am especially interested in identifying any additional descendants in this
lineage, particularly those of the brothers in each generation. I believe
that this is the lineage that my great-great-grandfather, Aharon Duvid
Polonsky (b. 1838) of Shpola was descended from. Any information on any
additional descendants in the POLONSKY lineage that anyone can provide would
be greatly appreciated.

Jeffrey Mark Paull
Walnut Creek, CA

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