JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Suwalki, Sejny and Tertack (Tarkak?) #general

Aryeh Wanderman

My maternal grandmother emigrated to America around 1900 with her 10
children, including my mother. I was alway told by my mother that
they came >from Suwalki and the town of Sejny. Recently I saw copies
of the US Naturalization papers of two of my mother's sisters, and
their place of birth and last place of residence is listed as Tertack
(Tartak?). I don't find Tertack or Tartack in a JewishGen Shtetle
search. Can anyone tell me where it is. Is it just a suburb or part
of Sejny?
The family name was GUDELSKI, which they changed to FEINGOLD when they
arrived in America.

Aryeh Wanderman
Jerusalem, Israel

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