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Jules Levin

Does anyone have access to a census for Olite (Alytus).
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Since you did not specify what era you were interested in, I would refer you to
the greatest Russian encyclopedia, the 86 [?] vol. Brokgauz published at the turn
of the last century. It routinely printed the results of the census of 1897 for
any town with an entry. I looked up the Lithuanian town of Shaky (Sakiai) and
learned that there were c. 3000 Jews and 2000 others living in the town in 1897.
The encyclopedia was of course published in Russian, but I have the impression
that there is an English translation.It is out of print, but major University
libraries should have it in their reference sections. I used the UCLA graduate
research library for my look-up. It is also for sale on a CD I believe; google it.

I am citing all the years, numbers, etc. >from memory, so I cannot guarentee the
details. The town of Alytus will be listed under the Russian name, which may begin
with 'A' or with 'O' like the Yiddish. The neat thing is that the population is
broken down by religion/ethnicity, and also the number of schools, churches,
synagogues, etc. are given.
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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