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I am searching for a supposed missing branch of my wife's GORDON family.
The known children of Joseph GORDON and Bessie PERLMUTT were Nathan (Nachman
Zev) GORDON and Abraham Lewis GORDON. Nathan possibly >from Vasilishok
immigrated in 1914, and wife Paja Wagenheim immigrated in 1921 with several
children. They settled in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Abraham, possibly
from the Vilna area immigrated in 1903, originally settled in New York City
where he married Jennie KUPCHIK. Eventually they moved to the Hampton Roads
area of Virginia, but they separated and Jennie went back to New York City.

One of Abraham's elderly descendants recalls a third brother whose name is
not known. The person recalls that he may have gone to Tennessee in the early
1900s and then emigrated to Canada. He supposedly was a successful
businessman who eventually became blind and wound up back in the USA in the Home
for the Blind, possibly in Brooklyn. We estimate that he passed away while
living in the home in the mid 1950s.

Much has been accomplished in the past few months in assembling complete
family trees for Nathan and Abraham. If the missing brother scenario sounds
like it might be a member of your family, please contact me privately. The
family would like very much to be able to solve this puzzle.

Thank you.

Norm Katz
Monroe Township, NJ

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