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I would like to thank all the people who responded with their
thoughtful comments to my enquiry. This includes the response of the
well-known researcher Mr. Boris Feldblyum, who contributed the artcle
on Russia to the Avotaynu Guide for Jewish Genealogy. Just to make
myself clear, I realize that in the Tsarist Empire most "Russian" Jews
were living in the so-called Pale of Settlement, most of which is now
located in Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldowa. There is
no lack of genealogical information for these areas, since most of
them are covered by Jewish genealogical Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
etc. It is the area to the east, places like Moscow and St.
Petersburg, that are of interest, not to me personally, but to a
number of people in Toronto who have approached me in this matter.
Henry Wellisch

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