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Andy <arosen2@...>

Hello All:

Please help me decipher a given name within my family.

Our family has as one of its given names, "Tzala" that was passed
through the generations, it was my maternal grandfather's great
grandfather's name, and two of his male descendants.

The last relative to be named Tzala was born about 1901. All
relatives of this lineage in this genealogical record descend from
Eastern Galicia as far as I know.

I was told by an Israeli friend of mine that Tzala is a very unusual
name. She, of course, speaks fluent Hebrew and I have no reason to
doubt her.

I learned about Tzala because my genealogical records were passed
down orally through the generations. It was only until the mid-1990's
that my maternal grandfather's family tree was written down. No
thorough genealogical work was ever done on my ancestors before me,
and I began research about a year ago. That said any research I
subsequently did verified many other given names >from this lineage.
In other words, our oral history has proven thus far accurate.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation!


Andy Rosen
Tucson, Arizona

Researching the shtetl of Jezierna and surnames: CHARAP, TEICHOLZ,

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