Re: Two Children, Same Name - also Sara KAHN from Buttenhausen #germany

David Bernheim

A similar question about my family >from Buttenhausen. Wuerttemberg has
been puzzling me, so D. Sage's question of 26 Jan comes at a good time:

Why would the two girls have been given the same names, separated
by such slight spelling and pronunciation differences? Is that a custom
twins (in case they were twins)? Any other explanation?
Gerstle KAHN (1754-1848) and Ehster/Ester KAHN (1768-1834) had 8 children,
born apparently in Buttenhausen..

- 5th child, daughter Sara/Sarah (1803-1881) married Maier BERNHEIMER
and moved to Ulm. Their son Lehmann dedicated the Bernheimersche
Realschule in Buttenhausen to them.
- 8th child, daughter Saerchen/Sara (1807-1884) married Salomon LANDAUER.
They are my ancestors. As Saerchen is the younger I can understand her
being called "little Sarah", but would have expected "big Sarah" to be
a cousin or other relative.

Two sources for the above information largely match: a tree - date
unknown - passed down through my family, and Geni. These do not
include exactly the same information. I would like to get copies
of the original registers - how could I do this?

In conclusion, the two daughters Sara and Saerchen seem to have -
in some places - the same name. Why might this be?

Regards, David BERNHEIM, St Martin Vesubie, France david@...

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