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Dear All

I am seeking information about Schildberg around the early and middle 19th
century. I am seeking details about the parents and grandparents of my
maternal grandfather, Marcus SUESSMANN born in Schildberg on 13th January
1860. It is suggested but not confirmed that his father was Emanuel
Suessmann born after 1834, and his own father was Marcus Suessmann born 1810
and his grandfather, Mendel Suessmann born about 1770.

I am seeking information about Dirschau. My paternal
great-greatgrandfather, Mendel Laudon, was born there on 16th March 1824.
His father was Goetz who was born circa 1787 in Christburg and his wife
Rahel Rosenbaum born circa 1793 in Dirschau.

With many thanks

Clive Callman

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