JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen re: First name Saida #general

Judy Simon

I have a friend named Zayda, which sounds like it could be a variant
of Saida. The name Zayda has been in her family for generations,
passed down >from mother to daughter. Zayda's maternal family is from
Puerto Rico and although they are Catholics, they are probably
descendants of Sephardim who fled the Inquisition to the Americas five
hundred years ago. Is it possible that Saida's ancestors could have
been Sephardim who fled the Inquisition to Eastern Europe, eventually
settling in London?

Judy Simon
researching: BROZGOL, KAPELUSHNIK >from Rezekne, Latvia; KELMER,
LEFKOWTIZ >from the Lodz area, Poland

Has any one come across the first name Saida? That is how it is spelt on
the birth cert her parents originally came >from the Tarnow/Krakow area
?she was born in London.

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