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Rabbi Samuel/Shmuel MOHILEWER was a well-known and well respected Rabbi in
Bialystok and the leader of Bialystok Zionists until his death in 1898.

BIALYGen, the Bialystok Region Jewish Genealogy Group, is coordinating a JewishGen
Yizkor Book project to translate Pinkos Bialystok, the definitive history of the
Jewish Community of Bialystok >from its beginnings through to the period before
World War II. This book, written in Yiddish, has many references to Rabbi MOHILEWER
as well as Yehuda Leib and Dr. Josef MOHILEWER. See the Pinkos Bialystok main
webpage at, which has links
to the two Indexes of People. Volume I, Chapter Nine "Religious Leaders and
Prominent Men of the Torah in Bialystok" has a section on Rebbe Shmul MOHILEWER
starting on page 170. Chapter Sixteen "Personalities in Bialystok" has a section
"Rabbis of the Crown of Bialystok" which includes Yosef MOHILEWER. These section
have not been translated.

If you wish to have these sections translated, please contact me privately.

Mark Halpern
BIALYGen Coordinator

<< I am researching my great great grandfather Rabbi Samuel MOHILEWER.
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