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Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

The 1858 Revision List would have been started when Chava was young, so it
would be relatively accurate for what was then 'recent'. There is a long gap
between Chava and the previous child; so I would guess that there might have been
something that happened in between - the usual would be to have another baby
every year or two. Perhaps there was a epidemic which killed several of the
babies born in the interim; perhaps there was a previous wife who died with
them. Chava comes at the end; she may have been born after the kids died and
she also may have been born to the 'previous wife', weakened by the epidemic,
who then died soon after. Maybe this 'Rachel' wife died in childbirth and there
was a third wife. Obviously, there is no way to tell exactly what happened >from
thislist, but a 10 year gap between babies is very unusual.

It could be that one or the other wife had a double name Rachel Sarah or
something,so we see her as one thing in the Revision List and the other in your
family memory.

It is also possible that 100 years later Sarah (Sorka) became Rachel in
somebody's memory (this reminds me of my family - my great grandfather had a
sister who 'went to Oklahoma, then Chicago and married somebody'- it was Omaha,
not Oklahoma).

Anyway, you have a lot of records to look at , maybe you can find something else
that says what her name was.

I also think that Yaker would be >from Jacob - Yakub.

Good luck,

Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

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