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Mitch Stone asked about the CofA. The "Certificate of Arrival" is a misnomer,
because this document was not generated at the time of arrival -- it was created
years later by Bureau of Naturalization as a verification of arrival. CofA has
extracted info >from the passenger manifest: name, date, port, and ship name

After June 29, 1911 the INS began to check passenger lists to verify a legal
arrival after 1906 (when the INS was formed); the CofA was then attached to the
Nat'n Petition. The requirement was subsequently waived if the alien had
entered before 6/21 and had resided in the U.S. continuously.

I've heard stories of immigrants "forging" the arrival date/ship, or even
"buying" the name of a date/ship in order to naturalize. One wonders if Mitch's
grandfather chose 1905 as an entry date because he was aware that it would not
be verified.
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