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David Ellis


Thanks for taking the time to read my post and respond to me.

I don't see a very big gap between my g-grandmother Chava and her next older
sibling Movsha, who was born only three years before her. Chava isn't the
youngest, since she had a sister Chana two years younger than herself. The
five children were born in 1841, 1846, 1949, 1852 and 1854, which is pretty
spread out and could be explained by infant mortality.

Double names are common and might be possible. Or one wife (Elka) could
have died, and some children might be hers and others might be >from Sorka.
Of my g-grandmother's descendants, and I've traced quite a lot, none appear
to have been named after any of the possible maternal ancestor names
Rachael, Sorka or Elka.

I don't think I have a lot of records to look at. I've gone over the
Revision History lists and the American death certificates. Nothing in my
searches of immigration records or Yad Vashem archives turned up anything
that appeared to be a match. Do you have specific suggestions where else I
could look?

The name Yaker or Yakir is unrelated to Jacob, but rather comes >from a
separate Hebrew root meaning "dear".

If you have any ideas where else I could try tracing the descendants of my
g-grandmother's siblings, I would be appreciative.

David J Ellis

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