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Fred Selss

Howard Sedlitz needed advice on obtaining the 1952 NYC death certificate
for a Barnet GOODMAN. He wrote, "We had the correct death date and amount
of money for the fee and when we submitted we were told that we now need
his social security number and The deceased persons parents names....but
if we knew Barnet GOODMAN'S parents names, we would not have to send for
this form. Sounds a bit like a catch 22....We could go check the headstone
on Mt. Hebron Cemetery but not even certain if his father's Hebrew name
will suffice."

Although you do not say how old Barnet Goodman was when he died or where
he was born here are my suggestions

If you are primarily interested in Barnet Goodman's parents names
certainly his father's name would be on the headstone. I would submit
the father's name with a note that the name may also be translated into
English. Give a few English equivalents such as for example Moshe, Moses
or Murray. They may surprise you and reply with the needed information.
Make note that there is no record of a Social Security number for Barnet
Goodman. I don't know if knowing one parent's name will satisfy their
rules. Sometimes I send a letter along with an application mentioning
what the purpose is, that I am trying to find out the names of my great
grandparents in the hopes that whoever reads it will take pity on me and
provide me with the needed information

What about going an entirely different route. If Barnet Goodman was
married in the US in NYC then look at There is a
Barnet Goodman who married a Rose Glaser in Manhattan in 1904 certificate
143 and a Barnett Goodman who married in 1922 certificate 3771. If either
of these is the person you are looking for you will be able to get the
marriage records and those records will have Barnet Goodman's parents
names, as well as the year and place of birth. There is a form that can
be printed right >from the site. The Municipal Archives where these
records are kept not as strict about older records.

If Barnet Goodman immigrated to the US, the Ellis Island site original
passenger manifest might give you a name of a close relative usually a
parent in the country that Goodman came from. You can also check
Census Records. Another good source for information is the "Old Man's
Draft of 1942" which is available through the Library Edition of available at most public libraries.

I hope this helps. Happy Hunting.
Fred Selss

I am searching for; Golub Dobrzyn,Poland and New York, Illinois,
Nevada, California and Florida USA: BYSZOWSWERDER, BROK, BROCK BROOKS,

Cesenger, Fehergarymat and Satu Mare,Hungary and New York and Ohio USA:

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