For Gleiwitz (and Immediate Surrounding Areas) Researchers: Newspaper Oberschlesischer Wanderer (back) online SITE CITE #germany

Irene Peters <iupfamilyresearch@...>

A few years ago the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin removed all of their
digitized issues of the newspaper "Der Oberschlesische Wanderer"
arguing that the paper had become a Nazi propaganda tool after 1933.

A couple days ago I found that they are back online (up to 1936). The URL is:

The paper is also held at the Silesian Digital Library at the following URL:

Even though not indexed at either site, I found this publication to be
quite useful for my research regarding Gleiwitz and surrounding areas.

It helped me for example to verify my gg-gm's birth date - according
to several sources she was born Oct 6, 1829, but her death certificate
put her birth year at 1831. Checking the relevant issue of the
Oberschlesische Wanderer, I found a birth announcement for Oct 6,
1829, putting that question to rest. I also found birth dates for
several of her siblings that I did not have before.

Additionally, issues contain death announcements and occasional
marriage and engagement notes as well as advertisements >from local
businesses, which give a whole different glimpse into the daily lives
of our ancestors. For instance, my ggg-gf Ludwig SCHLESINGER often
advertised to announce to the public that he had received new goods at
his store, he was occasionally looking for tenants and he also
threatened his debtors with court action if they didn't pay their

While it can be a bit time-consuming to find information for a certain
person, especially if an exact date is not known, it is still a great
resource to know about and use. Tip: These announcements and
advertisements are usually found on the last 2 - 3 pages of each paper.

Best regards, Irene Peters, Berlin, Germany

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