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Debby Gincig Painter

According to Mr. Klarsfeld book (Pg. 95) Convoy 11 (left July 27, 1942) arrived in
Auschwitz on July 29, 1942. He writes that the 742 women received numbers 12340
through 13081 and the men numbers 53829 through 54076.

I also received a card through USHMM that states the following: dann n. Drancy
ubst.u. i. LK Auschwitz eingel. HNr. vermutl. zw. 53829-54016 dated July 17,1942.
(This is a typed card that seemed to have come >from Baltimore dated 31.1.1991).

However, documents found at Auschwitz have my Grandfather's number as 24995. Could
someone explain to me why the difference in numbers?

Thank you
Debby Painter

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