INTRO, seeking info on 18th century PERLE family #germany

David W. Perle

Greetings, all. I've posted previously on some other JewishGen lists,
but I've only just joined GerSyg and this is the very beginning of my foray
into German research.

I know my PERLE line going back to 19th century Kalisz, Poland, but my
great-great-great-grandfather David/Dawid PERLE immigrated there (to fill a
rabbinical role, apparently only an assistant rabbi his decades there)
from...'somewhere' in Germany.

He seems to have been born in Germany around 1794 and moved to Kalisz
around 1817.

That's pretty much all that I know about his German roots. (Presuming
that a cousin is correct in telling me that this common ancestor of ours
indeed was originally >from Germany!)

Are there any resources where I might be able to find a David/Dawid PERLE
born in Germany around 1794? (And then hopefully his parents' names and so

What I already have for him:

- I have the rabbi's 1867 death certificate already (confirming that he was
some sort of clergy)
- One of his kids' (my g-g-gf) birth records which was translated as
identifying him as a "lower rabbi"
- A Google search actually pulled up another Viewmate translation of a
wedding that he was a stand-in rabbi officiating over.

Thank you! David Perle, Washington, DC

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