Answer : Fast deteriorating memorial to Holocaust Victim, Weissensee Cemetery, Berlin #germany

Yvonne Stern

Jewish congregations maintain their own cemeteries, including the graves.
You should report the bad condition of Jenny LEVY's memorial to the
Juedische Gemeinde Berlin, at Oranienburger Str.

Regards, Yvonne Stern Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Alexander Watson, Genas (near Lyon) France a.watson.genas@... wrote:
Jenny LEVY, born Jenny WEISS on 23 February 1880 in Berlin (married
names : PINKUS, FABIAN & LEVY) was murdered in Ravensbruck
Concentration Camp in December 1944.
Her second husband was my great-great uncle, Alfred FABIAN : born on
24 March, 1879, in Neuwedell, W. Pomerania, Germany (now Drawno,
Alfred died on 11 May, 1936. He was buried in Weissensee Cemetery -
Feld: N - Abt: VII - Reihe: 28 - Grabnr: 93847.
I am not aware that he and Jenny had children. A few months ago a
friend visited Alfred's grave for me; the headstone is not of very
good quality and fast deteriorating. My friend was able to decipher
the following inscription: "Dem Andenken unserer geliebten Mutter
Jenny Levy verw. Fabian geb. Weiss. Geb 23.2.1880. Ermordet
8.12.1944". Perhaps Jenny had children >from her first marriage, when
she was called Jenny PINKUS.
I contacted the office at Weissensee about this, they were only able
to tell me that this headstone was laid in 1947.
The inscription on the headstone is disappearing fast. I would like to
contact the descendants of Jenny Levy to see if, at some point in the
future, we might arrange to share the costs of maintaining this
memorial to a Holocaust victim.
If anyone is able help me, I would love to hear >from you.

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