JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen looking for Szalszend, near Miskolc #general

Pat Shaw <pshaw@...>

Hi Genners All,

Can anybody give me any information about Szalszand, located several
miles due north of Miskolc. My GGF, William FRIEDMANN, was born there
in 1858 and as we are going to Hungary later in the summer, I would
like to know if anyone can advise me where to go to look for his birth
records. I have already looked on the jewishgen site, as well as on
the Hungarian databases, to no avail.

Also, my GGM, Sarah (CZINER) Friedmann, was born in Buzinke, I think
in the northeast part of Hungary. Any information of this place would
be greatly appreciated.


Pat Shaw
Williams, Oregon, USA
searching: FRIEDMANN, Miskolc, Szalaszend, Buzinke; POLATCSEK,
Debrecen, Budapest

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