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Jeff Hecht <jeffhecht@...> wrote:

As I understand it, Jewish custom is to name on the 8th, or Circumcision,
day; and, if a baby dies before the 8th day, there is no name. New York State
requires a name for a birth certificate no later than the third day.

Thus, many Jewish children have the first name of "male" or "female" for the
official birth certificate and, when they reach their majority, many, but
possibly not all, of these now young adults go to New York State Supreme Court
(each of the 62 current counties in New York State has a New York State Supreme
court) and change the name on their birth certificate.
This does not just happen among Jewish families. When I checked my
non-Jewish grandmother's 1891 birth record in Saratoga Springs, New
York, it did not list her name, and city officials did not mention any
correction in responding to my question about her given name at birth.

Jeff Hecht

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