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Debbie Rose

Dear Genners

I'm hoping someone is familiar enough with New York and Philadelphia to
help me with the following problem. I have two people who I am trying
to find in the 1910 and/or 1920 census, but although I can find their
streets and numbers on a current map, I can't find them in the census.

The first, B Bas (first name difficult to decipher) is the contact
person for my relative (Sam Kwiczor) on a ship manifest in January 1912
- address: 1st Ave. 864, New York. When I look at the map, that address
for 1st Ave. is right on the corner of 39th St. This should fall under
Ward 21, District 1120 but the numbers on 1st Ave. only go to 690+ on
the census. I've looked through many other Wards and Districts in case
I've missed it somehow, but no luck.

The second is simply listed as Isador on my grandfather's (David
Siegel) border crossings (Dec 30/1916 and Jan 1917) >from Canada to the
US. The address is 833 N Marshall St., Philadelphia. My research
indicates that this should be Ward 13 District 180. Again the numbers
never reach the 800's but I can find this address on the current map.

I understand that these people might not have been living at these
addresses in 1910 or 1920 but it would be good to find the address on
the census in any case so that I know for sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Debbie Rose
Toronto, ON

Researching: SEGAL, SIEGEL (variant spellings), LEVI (variant
spellings), KUSHNER, KWEITZER (variant spellings), KOROTKIN (variant
spellings), EZERSKY, LIEBERMAN (variant spellings).

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