Friedrich Moritz STEINER #germany

Juergen Nitsche <junitsche58@...>

I am preparing a book about "Jews in Mittweida", located in Middle Saxony,
between Leipzig and Dresden.

I am looking for information about the former director of the theatre
in Mittweida: Friedrich Moritz (called Fritz) STEINER. He was born

in 1871 in Vienna. He worked >from 1925 till 1928 in Mittweida, before
hewas in Kamenz and Bad Schandau. Later he worked in Lauban and Neustadt
At last he worked in an unknown town in Bohemia, where he died abt. 1933.

He was married with Agnes divorced Korb.

I am looking for information about the short episode in the life of
Fritz STEINER in Mittweida. And I am looking for data about the death
of Fritz STEINER. When and where did he die?

All advice and information are very welcome. Thank you very much in advance!

Juergen Nitsche, Mittweida, Germany

Researching: STEINER- Vienna, Mittweida

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