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I have minimal information on Max Rosenbaum b 187X, a son of my
grandfather's much older sister Malka nee LEVY who married a Chazzan
Rosenbaum >from Plonsk/Plodsk ( latter the spelling used by my informant).
Malka LEVY born about 1855 is said to have been a doctor.
She married Chazzan unknown personal name Rosenbaum of Plonsk and went to
live in Schwerin an der Warthe (Skwierzyne or similar spelling).
I have a letter written by son Max Rosenbaum to cousins on letterhead of
his company Kronheim (clothing) of Glogau/Wroclaw in 1898.
No information thereafter.
A brief attempt to find Malka's death record in Schwerin failed because I
couldn't read the German script on the microfilms. Not clear in which decade
she died.
Most of the LEVY family lived or live in London .
Apparently there was a ROSENBAUM daughter as well, no info re name or

I am trying to think how to proceed. Has anyone in this group ever used a
researcher in Schwerin/ Glogau or actually been to the cemeteries in those
Does anyone recognise these Rosenbaums.

Thank you

Ros Romem

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