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Debby Gincig Painter

Dear Jewish-Genners,
I am in serious need of advice and guidance. I have written about
this before but new documents have surfaced. This is a little long
but details are really necessary so thanks for bearing with me on this.

For years now I've been trying to figure out if my Great-Grandfather,
Mosiek/Moses/Max KLINGER (born November 10, 1860 on most documents)
had been married twice or three times. The following documents led me
to believe that there were three wives.

1. Marriage to Chana Ewa Marjy/Maryjem Marium ROZENWAJG >from marriage
certificate as well as Strasbourg "census of alien residents." She
died April 4, 1900.

2. Birth certificate for my Grandmother Lea Elisabeth KLINGER LUSTIG
(born in Herxheim formerly Herscheim in Alsace) as well as the marriage
certificate for her older sister Rifke "Regina" KLINGER FACTOR (born 1901
in Pietrokov) has their Mother as Anna JOSKOWITZ/Cheeny Nisli JOSKOWITCH
born July 7, 1879 in Pietrokov, Russia/Poland (birth date and place
from Strasbourg "census of alien residents). No death certificate has
ever been found for her in Strasbourg or Dortumund, Germany and I have
not been able to locate a birth certificate or marriage certificate in

3. Birth record of my Great-Uncle Herman KLINGER (born November 4, 1921
in Dortmund received >from Dortmund as well as several German records
from before WWII as well as >from her arrest and deportation papers
show his Mother (though also listed as Mother for Isadore and Johanna
KLINGER) as Nisle LEVI/LOWI born August 22, 1881 in Koeningshofen,
Alsace. No birth certificate has ever been found for her in or
around Strasbourg.

Now with three different names and three different birth dates and
places of birth, it would seem to be a done deal that there were three
wives but one of my Aunts insist that there were only two wives,
another says there were three, and I just received a form for emigration
for the Netherlands that show my Great-Grandfather with 4 of his children,
wife Cheeny Nisli JOSKOWITCH now born August 22, 1876 in Peterhof,
Poland) leaving the Netherlands September 15,1919 for Alsace.
The birth date listed, the fact that they leave the Netherlands in
September, 1919 and arrive in Dortmund, Germany February, 1920 has now
given me doubts about there being three wives. (For clarification,
family leaves Alsace during WWI to Netherlands, leave Netherlands after
war ends to Strasbourg, apply for German citizenship and then go to Germany).

And it continues:
Per notes on his death papers (information sent to me), there are
notes that my Great-Grandfather changes his date of birth to January 1,
1872 and being born in Strasbourg. Per the researcher who sent the
The name of his wife is again denotes as Nisle KLINGER, born as Lowi.
His age is declared as 70 years, which goes along with his real age.
This entry did not change, although later in a side note, the information
"born in 1.1.1872 in Strasbourg" was added, what would have made him a
59 year old man.

This same researcher sent me this explanation about the differences in
birth dates for my Great-Grandfather: "You can see that the dates of
Max KLINGER's birth are different >from those in the "Record Office" in
Strasbourg. The interpretation of the facts leads to the idea,
that Max KLINGER intentionally gave wrong dates about his person to the
authorities. With his place of birth in Lodz, the German authorities
would have seen his as a Polish citizen. If he had told his date and
plate of birth in Strasbourg, they would have seen him a French citizen.
Only by changing his date of birth into a time when Strasbourg and Alsace
was annexed by Germany and was made into a German territory after the
war between Germany and France, he could insist on becoming a citizen of a
German state, in this case Prussia. In the "Hausstandsbuch" of the
Schwarze-Bruder-Str. you can see that this was successful and the whole
family had the Prussian citizenship.

SO the question remains, is wife #2 and wife #3 the same person?
Would she also had changed her birth date and place of birth as well as
her last name to be officially considered German or eligible for a German
citizenship? And other note: June 6, 1896 my Great-Grandfather stays
with a family named LEVY is Strasbourg. Is there a connection?

Also, I am still looking for information on Germann KLINGER >from my
Great-Grandfather's first marriage. He was born in April 24, 1896 in Zurich.
He is in Strasbourg ("census of alien residents) through July 1, 1901
(indicates going to Kohl) or 1904 (unclear). He probably died before 1921
when my Uncle Herman was born as two other children >from my Great-Grandfather's
first marriage passed away and he names two children >from the second
marriage with the same name.

All documents (except the records of birth for my Uncle Herman) as well as
the information received >from Dortmund can be found at my website

Thanking all in advance for the help, advice or anything offered.
This is a family mystery that really needs to be solved and that I'd
really like to put away once and for all! Please answer privately at

Debby Painter
Constantine, Michigan

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