Re: Czech Registers #austria-czech


Hi Everyone

Despite having had paid researchers go through the records of my ancestral
home town, Boskovice, I have been astounded to discover so many new details.
No matter how expert these researchers are, sometimes the handwritten
entries in the registers are truly illegible. However, thanks to information
I did have, regarding dates of birth and house numbers, I was, sadly, able
to determine that several of my g-g-grandfather Salomon Z Aufrichtig's
children died in their first few years of life.

I discovered, with interest, that one of them, Voegele Aufrichtig (Birdie A),
had been almost illegibly entered as Feigele which, of course, is the
Yiddish variation. Other inconsistencies so far include Kolman/Kallman,
Salomon/Salman/Zalman, and Filip/Philipp. For those who haven't already done
so, I recommend downloading one of the many German Gothic letters pages that
show up on search engines. Several of them provide useful handwritten
variations - especially the combination characters like 'ch', 'ph' and
'sch'. Printing and pasting characters together to form your own family
name can prove very helpful.

Be aware, too, that it is not unknown for longer surnames to be truncated.
Given that my family name Aufrichtig has, on one occasion, been shortened to
Aufricht (with a period point), this causes problems - particularly since
Aufricht is a fairly common name in its own right. With so many Czech
register towns to "visit" and the new Family Research IKW pages on line, I
am resisting the temptation to re-check every Aufricht!!

If anyone has similar examples of discrepancies and things to look out
for, please share.

Ronny Roberts, London & Bradenton FL
(Moravia), WODAK (Moravia).

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