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Brian Blitz

Please let me know privately if you have come across the GLICKSTEIN (GLUCKSTERN)
family, likely originating in Sniatyn, Galicia and/or Kamenka, Bukowina, in your
research. I would also appreciate hearing >from anyone with research experience
related to Sniatyn (Galicia), Kamenka (Bukowina), or the Galicia-Bukowina border

I've been able to trace the family back to Samuel GLUCKSTERN, likely born around
1800. His son, Jacob GLUCKSTERN (b. 1841, Austria, d 1917, New York), married Elka
REINER (b. ~1849, Austria, d. 1919, New York), daugheter of Moses REINER. Jacob and
Elka had the following children and grandchildren:

1. Gustav (Gershon) GLUCKSTERN (later GLICKSTEIN) (b. 1870 Sniatyn d. 1948, New
York). Owner of Glickstein Brothers Bottle Company on 104th Street in Manhattan.
Married Annie DORTER (b ~1869, Galicia, d. 1904, New YorK). Children were:
a. Ethel (Nettie) EISENMAN (1889 - 1972
b. Isadore (Eddie) GLICKSTEIN (1891 - 1971) (Bottle manufacturer)
c. Sadie SCHUMAN (1895 - 1980)
d. Samuel GLICKSTEIN (1896-1993). Owner of Marblette Corporation, Long Island City,
New York.
e. Jacob (Julie) GLICKSTEIN (1899 - 1977)
f. William GLICKSTEIN (1906 - 1983) (Mother was Tillie GLICKSTEIN) Owner of
McGinnis restaurant, New York City.

2. Sadie KATZ (18XX-19XX). Had 12 children.

3. Max (Mendel) GLUCKSTERN (sometimes GLICKSTEIN) (b. 1875 - 1965) Married to Eva.
Children were:
a. Hyman GLICKSTEIN (1906-1988). Lawyer.
b. Cy (Solomon) GLICKSTEIN
c. Sylvia COTTON (1912-2008)
d. Lillian PARKER (1917 - ?)


5. Samuel GLUCKSTERN (b. 1888 - 1978). Partner with Gustav in Glickstein Brothers

Apparently, Phil GLUCKSTERN, the restaurateur, was a cousin, but I haven't been
able to figure out the connection. I have also extracted relevant immigration data
from all Glickstein/Gluckstern immigrants to the US. There are over 440 people on
this list >from towns/regions including (spelling may not be right, the handwriting
was difficult to decipher) Augustow, Bucarest, Bukowina, Czernowitz, Galicia,
Horodenka, Jablonow, Kaletz, Kolomea, Kamenka, Kossow, Lemberg (Lviv), London,
Munich, Olkusz, Ostrow, Podolsk,Suczawa, Temescz, Toronto, Vienna, Warsaw, Wiznitz,
Yablonow, Zablonow, Zablotow. Please let me know privately if you would like a copy
of this spreadsheet.

Brian Blitz
New York

Researching: GLICKSTEIN/GLUCKSTERN (Sniatyn, Kamenka), DORTER (Galicia), LANGER
(Krakow), KLIMPL (Bohemia), SALZ (Krakow, Jaworow), HAUSELBERG/HEISELBERG (Krakow,
Jaworow), WEBER (Jaworow), ZIMMERMAN (Jaworow), HEIMBERGER (Lvov, Brody, Vienna)

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