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Sara Lynns

My father, Sam died when I was very young. My mother, for whatever reason,
did not make an effort to connect with my father's side of the family. It
remained a mystery to me as a child and an adult.
I knew little about my father. I began doing research on the LERNER
side some while ago. I found some family documents and census records.
My local Jewish genealogy group was helpful, as was Center for Jewish
History and LDS family history centers, too along with other resources.
I found out besides a sister, Sam had a brother, too. I appreciate all
the help I've received in doing family research.

My mother died (may she rest in peace) nearly 7 years ago. I'd posted
on different Jewish genealogy websites and occasionally received an email
from someone. However, there was no familial connection.
I saw a poster here entitled "connecting with your ancestors." Susan's
grandmother or great-grandmother was Native American. She facilitated
this workshop as part of her thesis paper. I spoke with her and decided
to attend the workshop.

We were told to visualize a relative we wanted to connect with. I did not
have photos of my paternal grandparents or his siblings. So... I chose to
visualize face to face talk with my father (adult to adult). I spoke with
Susan again a few days after this workshop.

That evening I received an email saying ..."there seems no doubt we are
first cousins..." I put my hand over my mouth and cried in disbelief.
Evelyn and her husband found my post(s) on Jewish genealogy websites.

I had been unable to find further documentation on my Aunt Sara, because
she'd remarried. Evelyn and I have spoken a number of times on the phone
and emails of course. We've exchanged photographs. Evelyn did not know
my father even existed.

We recently met. I'm looking forward to getting to know Evelyn, Roy and
my other cousins, too.

Jacqueline Lerner Aderman

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