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On Wednesday June 3rd the National Archives (USA) in Washington DC will hold a
signing ceremony between the National Archives and the US Citizenship and
Immigration Services (USCIS) to designate the National Archives as the permanent
home for the immigration files created on the millions of aliens residing in the
United States in 1944 and those arriving since then. These 32 million files were
designated for disposal and this agreement preserves these precious records which
include alien's current name, name used when entering the US, marital status,
occupation, name and address of employer and other information.

The new agreement authorizes the USCIS to send the Alien files ( known as A-files)
to the National Archives when 100 years have passed >from the birth of the file
subject. The files will be stored in San Francisco and Kansas City starting later
this year. An index will be made available to support research use and they will
be accessible at these two National Archives regional facilities or by request.

For more about this historic agreement go to:

At this time there is no further information on how to request the files once they
are transferred to the regional branches of the National Archives.

Jan Meisels Allen
Director, IAJGS and
Chairperson, Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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