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MBernet@... wrote:
". . . I would also like to find out if somebody knows if Baruch (Bernhard) . . ."

Baruch is a Hebrew name, It means "Blessed." Blessed translates into Latin as
Benedict Benedict tends to get blurred in spoken German and ends up sounded Bernd
or Bernhard, a historical German name >from the warrior days of Siegfried. Soething
to do with powerful warrior or tough knight . . . one of those names.

When you have someone in Germany named Baruch, always check out the Benedicts and

"I am looking for descendants of David WEISS >from Mainz (March 2nd 1836 -January
1st1909) and Amalia LORCH also >from Mainz (Feb. 23rd 1836 - March 15th 1895). "

I may be part of that circle. A paternal ggm, Kahle Mainzer of Lorch, married a son
of Baruch Wolf of Pfungstadt. Just about every Jew in that area ("Bergstrasse") is
descended >from one of the rabbis of Mainz and has a Mainzer in his/her ancestry.

Michael Bernet, New York

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