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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

It is usually unlikely that anything would have been mentioned regarding a suicide
unless it was first thought to be murder or something like. I doubt that the the
relatives would have put anything in the paper about it. However, it is possible to
look on-line for mentions of your relative in the newspaper of the day which was
the San Francisco Chronicle. Unfortunately, they have no mention of any such
person by that name.

However, there is mention in the 1918 San Francisco City Directory of a Philip and
Nina Halperin family living in San Francisco at 1152 Eddy. He was a cutter. He is
also listed in several prior directories. By 1923, there are several more Halperin
families listed: Edward and Helen, Nathan and Dora, and Samuel. In addition,
during this time, there was also a performer, Nan Halperin, who appeared in San

In 1918, there was a Morris Halpern, a trunk maker, living at 2553 Folsom. In 1923,
there is an Esther Halpern, widow of Morris Halpern, livng at 245 Silliman.
Perhaps this is the person you are looking for.

Ann Rabinowitz

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