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Mark Strauss

Dear Jewishgen enthusiasts,
I'm trying to find publications of my great-great aunt, Sophia Warszawczyk Smolian,
originally >from Kovno and Lodz, sister of my great-grandmother Anna Warszawczk

In her death, notice published in the NY Times on 11/23/1933, it stated the
following: "Sophia Smolian, Yiddish poet and philosopher, widow of Oscar Smolian,
New York merchant, died yesterday at the home of her son... She was born in Kovno,
Lithuania, seventy six years ago. Her writings include two volumes of poems and one
volume of philosophy."

In researching yiddish poets and philosophers, I can not find any records of her
work. Does anyone have any knowledge of her publications? I would be most

Mark Strauss in New York
Searching: Strauss >from Zeteny Slovakia; Berkowitz >from Slovakia; Markel (Margul)
from Lodz; and Brodie/Brody/Brauda/Broido >from Ketovsky, Vilna Gubemia, Lithuania
and Zizmai, Lithuania

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