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We are glad to announce the publication of issue 44 of Etsi, the Sephardi
genealogical and historical review.
This spring 2009 issue includes articles about Tangier (Morocco), the
Deunmes and Algeria.
"The graduates of the Alliance Israelite Universelle school of boys of
Tangier >from 1864 to 1879", by Philip Abensur. Includes a list of 403
children who left the school of the Alliance of Tangier between 1864 and
1879, with a note of their town of residence, their occupation and their
moral and economic situation.
"The Deunmes", by Haim-Vidal Sephiha. Disciples of the false messiah
Sabbatai Zevi, they had an important role during the Young Turks Revolution
in 1908 and remain very active in Turkish society.
"Vital records of Algeria on line", by Philip Abensur. Two thirds of the
vital records of Algeria >from 1830 to 1904 are now available on line, with
an index allowing to select a name, a town or a date.
More information:

Philip Abensur (Paris, France)

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