Seeking info about Forced Labor Camp in Latvia during the Holocaust #germany

Richard <r.d.oppenheimer@...>

Dear Members,

I am seeking information and location of three forced labor camps in Latvia
which existed during the Holocaust. My deceased mother was sent to all three
of these. I am trying to locate where these camps existed, because I am
taking a trip to Latvia, and would like to visit these areas.

1. Dunawerke, a subcamp near Riga. She was there in Feb 1942 until October
2. Mitau, now known as Jelgava. She was there in October 1942 until Jul 1943
3. Meteor, Latvia ( a rubber factory sub-camp near Riga) She was there from
October 1943 until Feb 1944

In Feb 1944 she was deported to Stutthof in Poland.
My mother was at the following camps/ghettos as well; Kaiserwald, near
Riga, and Ploszow in Poland.

Any information about Dunawerke, Mitau and Meteor is appreciated.

Best Regards, Richard D. Oppenheimer, suburban Chicago r.d.oppenheimer@...

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