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Saul Marks <saulmarks@...>

Dear Kenneth,

You can trace your faily up to 1908, so the next step should be to
find them on the 1911 census for either Scotland or England. The 1911
census for England & Wales is at I think the
Scottish counterpart may be at (or similar

Your next step woukd be to find Faye's marriage, which presumably
took place in England. The birth, marriage and death indexes for
England & Wales >from 1837 to date are searchable on on
a full subscription. For marriage (& deaths), you'll need to look at
each quarter's index for each year, though, but it shouldn't take too
long. Once you have the marriage, you can search the birth index for
children of that marriage. The birth index is fully digitised.

Hope this helps. Any problems, contact me privately.


Saul Marks
Liverpool, England

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