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"I am searching for the obituary of :
Ruth T Bannahan, died Oct 1, 1994, Maryland.
I am hoping she was the daughter of Samuel and Shirley SACHS. Would anyone
be able to look up this obituary for me?
Thank you
Diane De Milt
Tucson, Arizona"


1) If she was buried in the Baltimore area, chances are that the funeral
arrangements were handled by Sol Levinson & Bros. They are currently the
only Jewish funeral home in Baltimore and provide services for Jewish
burials for who died in the greater Baltimore area (including Baltimore
City, Baltimore County, Howard County, etc) They also have some of the
records >from the Jack Lewis Funeral Home (which went out of business).
Levinson would have a record of her parents/copy of death certificate. You
can contact them at info@...

2) The Jewish Museum of Maryland has obituaries >from the Baltimore Jewish
Times, Contact :dweiner@...

The obit >from the Jewish Times will be the same as for the Baltimore Sun.
Please note however that unless Ruth's parents (or one parent) were living
at the time of her death, it is doubtful that the names of her parents will
be in the obit.

The Jewish Museum also has the following:

? Records of Jewish cemeteries in Maryland Cemetery burial listings now
available on-line for Rosedale, Mikro Kodesh-Beth Israel, Other East
Baltimore cemeteries, West Baltimore cemeteries, Chevrah Ahavas Chesed,
Cumberland Eastview Cemetery, and Frederick, Maryland!)
? Baltimore Jewish Times obituaries, 1919 to present
? Jack Lewis Funeral Home records, 1924-1939, 1956-1965
? Published and unpublished genealogies of Maryland Jewish families
? Baltimore City directories on microfiche/film, 1752-1930 (some years
? U.S. manuscript census, Baltimore and other parts of Maryland, 1900, 1910,
1920, 1930
? Passenger index for ships that arrived in the Port of Baltimore, 1820-1952
? Passenger manifests of ships that arrived in the Port of Baltimore,
? Memoirs of Jewish Life in Maryland and Europe
? Records of Jewish cemeteries in the Greater Baltimore area
? Circumcision (1836-1870, 1940-1967), midwife (1892-1919) , and marriage
(1850-1944) records of individual Baltimore-area mohels, midwives and rabbis

? H.I.A.S. arrival records (1911-1914, 1938-1953)
? Historical Database of Baltimore Religious Personnel
? Yizkor (Memorial) books of East European towns
? Hebrew Orphan Asylum records, 1873-1917
? Registries of Maryland military personnel in World Wars I and II

3) For copy of death certificate: Maryland Vital Records: Department of
Health and Mental Hygiene, Division of Vital Records
Reisterstown Plaza, 6550 Reisterstown Road
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: 410-764-3038 (recording 24 hours, with menu options)

If the person reporting the death knew the names of her parents, the
information will be on the death certificate.

Hope this is of some help.

Dianne Pasternack

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