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This is my first time in researching Jewish ancestory for forgive me
if this is not the right forum for such requests.!

I have a diresct ancestor, Abraham HENRY born circa 1794 in, according
to his military record, was born in "St Catherines" Middlessex.

In 1818 he was sent to India with the British Army and stayed there for
20 years. He was accompanied, >from the beginning, with his wife Mary.

However, according to his military records, in 1820 in India, they
"re-married" in the Christian church. On the wedding certificate it

...." having been previously married in accordance with the rituals of
the Jewish faith"...

I can find no record of him being baptised in Middlesex, which may
suggest his family was Jewish .. but I cannot find any reference of a
Jewish marriage for him (around 1818..before he and his wife went to

They returned in 1838, discharged >from the Army, they show up on the
1841 census living on Lambeth Walk as an Ironmonger. He died, and had
a Christian burial in 1847.

I hsve tried to search all possibilities I can on-line to find any
reference to him or his parents - so far no luck.

Can any one please give me some advice on where such records may be
found that I could visit and search through ?.

Im guessing "St Catherines Parish" is probably "St Katherines by the
Tower Parish" - unless anyone can advice me otherwise.

Any information or guidance would be appreciated


Paul Nottingham

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