JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: 40 year old phone numbers #general

Sarah L Meyer

Dear Genners,
I realize that a few families now live in the same house, that has
not been my experience (although I admit that I have never had the
courage to try an old number). But >from our discussion here, an avenue
of research has occurred to me. All 40 year old phone numbers were
"land lines". Therefore if the number is still in service and is not
unpublished or unlisted, a reverse lookup should do the trick. Go to
one or another of the phone book sites such as (ATT) and look for the reverse lookup box. After entering
the phone number in question, you will get back the name and address of
the person with that number, or a message stating that the number is
unlisted or out of service. This also works with land line current
phone numbers but not with cell numbers.
Sarah L. M. Christiansen
Georgetown, Texas

Is there some way to use a US phone number >from 40 years or more ago to
get more information about someone?

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