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A cousin of mine was 8 years old whilst living in a death camp with
his parents. One day a Nazi came up to his father and told him that
he knew where the parents were hiding their son each day in the camp
(underneath a wooden stage) - this had been going on for over 2
years - and as there was going to be an 'axtion' the following day
thereby removing all children, he, who didn't agree with the 'going
ons' in the camp would be prepared to save my cousin and 3 other
children the next morning by hiding them underneath hay and eggs in
a cart that was entering and leaving the camp - for a small fee!

What did my cousin's parents have to they and 3 other sets
of parents gave the Nazi all their hidden possessions - true to his
word the cart arrived the next morning, my cousin with the other
children were placed in it, it left the camp and the children were
taken to an orphanage which my cousin soon left and wandered around
until the end of WW2 - he arrived in Palestine alone in 1946. His
parents were murdered a few days after he left the camp.

Miracles do happen - as in this case my cousin believed he was the
only one to survive the Shoah until I started to research my family
and 'found' him some 8 years ago living but a 2hr train journey >from
my own home.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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