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Dana Dimitriu

Good morning,

I have two questions regarding this topic:

1. would someone who was bribed out of a concentration camp still be
found in the concentration camp prisoner lists / documents?
2. does anyone know about any unsuccessful attempts to bribe someone out?

The mystery I am trying to elucidate goes like this: my grandfather's
sister, Else Rozsypalova, lived in Prague and worked in the company of
her uncle, Dr. Wilhelm Halpern. Dr. Halpern was deported to Dachau in
September 1940, where he died in January 1941. Else was *never*in KZ
Dachau - confirmed by both Gedenkst├Ątte KZ Dachau and ITS Bad Arolsen -
*but* her last letter to the family back in Bucovina was written (or sent?)
in Dachau; as the family back home was also deported (to Transnistria) the
letter was read only in 1942 but it is unclear when it was sent / arrived.
On asking at the Gedenkst├Ątte Dachau if it had been possible for family
members to visit (?!?) prisoners in the concentration camps or perhaps
even be informed of their death (and possibly asked to pick them up) I
was told that there is no such information available.
Seeing the messages about people who escaped >from KZs through bribing I
wonder if it is at all possible that Else was trying to get her uncle out
of Dachau - even though I really do not understand how she would be able
to move freely >from Prague to Dachau in 1940 / 1941 ... And then perhaps
he "died on them" in January 1941 so she went back to Prague ?!? Her
letter to the family (which we do not have anymore) doesn't mention
anything about this at all, it only says she is fine and the family
should not worry and she is asking for handwritten confirmation >from
her mother that all is well back home.

[ Else was deported >from Prague in February 1942 to Theresienstadt and
then further on to Izbica so Dachau just doesn't fit into the story
otherwise ... ]

Thank you for any ideas you might have.

All the best,

Dana Dimitriu

DE - Wiesbaden / RO - Bucuresti

From: Steve Orlen <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 07:36:37 -0700

Some years ago I did some research on the question of bribes regarding
men interned in Buchenwald following Kristallnacht, because my wife's
grandmother was able to get her husband out by trading a piece of
property in Zell am Mosel to the local government. I thought I had
put out the question on this list, or on the German SIG list, but wasn't
able to find it in the archives. I recall getting quite a number of
responses, saying that, yes, my relative was bribed out of a camp by
this and that method.

From: Irene Newhouse <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 09:28:55 -0700 (PDT)

My father was also moved to Prague >from Germany, in 1936. Right after
the Germans annexed Czechoslovakia, he attempted to get to the
Netherlands illegally. He managed to cross Germany, but was arrested
just before he got to the Dutch border & sent to Dachau, where he
worked in the gravel pit for some months. He was released >from Dachau
when his sister, who lived in Switzerland, managed to get a visa for
him to go to Chile. He was never sure of the time frame, later.
However, I found a document my mother had kept indicating he was on
board a ship bound for Chile by March 1940.

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