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Robert Zavos <rzavos@...>

Suggestions to dial an old telephone number or look up the location
of the area code will not work if the number of digits or area codes
have changed. In the 1920s to late 40s phones in the USA had 6 digits
and went to 7 around the 1950s. Three digit area codes were not fully
implemented until around 1967. In the early 1980s area codes were split
in fast growing areas and then the growth in cell phones has requiired
more area code changes in the past 10 to 15 years.

I also dont believe any phone company is going to hand out account
information to a private party on a previous number holder >from years
ago (if they can even find it) without a court order. They shouldn't!
However there is one small potential use in online searching. If you
have online material and are getting too many hits or if you are not
sure of the name spelling or usage (maiden name, nickname, etc.) then
you may be able to do a text search on or with the phone number and
may find the person (or a relative) when the material includes the
phone number as in some type of directory.

Robert Zavos
Pittsburgh PA, USA
searching: Zavosnick/Savosnick (Suwalki & Norway) Szczupacki/Siff (Suwalki),
Pervin (Berdichev), Menzer/Terner (Bucecea & Botosani, Romania)

Is there some way to use a US phone number >from 40 years or more ago to
get more information about someone? Would there be records still in
existence >from the phone company that serviced the particular phone

Marc DVer

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