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1 / The facts:
During my research, I have found two individuals, both defined as Izrael
GRINCAJG, son of Jakub. They are both born in 1813. According to the
documents consulted, they are both deceased a 6 Sivan in Warsaw: during
the year 5651 for one (death record), duuring the year 5652 for another
(tombstone). Any error in reading or interpretation is excluded. Any
clerical error seems unlikely.
2 / Additional informations
While surfing the Internet, I found these two pieces of information,
independent of each other:
-- It may in certain circumstances unearth the coffin and move him to a
place of greater holiness (generally, on the land of Israel which will
take place, according to tradition, the resurrection of the dead). This
requires clear that the funeral is " 'al tnaï" (conditional). It is
estimated that generally require a period of one year before
transferring the body (It's yahrzeit, the lunar year of mourning).
-- There are two minhaguim (customs) for the laying of the matseva
(tomstone), or as soon as possible after the chiva (a week after
mourning) and if possible before the 30 days or at the end of the
first year ( yahrzeit).
3 / questions:
-- Does anyone have knowledge of other cases where two people seem to
confuse in a only one, so with the exception of appearance that they
almost seem one to another to be dead in a lunar year of relative shift?
-- Are there any other information to take into account that would
warrant, otherwise or in the same way, that a single person be buried
under a tomstone which bears a date of death just posterior of a lunar
year compared to the real death?

Thank you for any answer.

Daniel Vangheluwe FRANCE

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