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Milton Koch wrote: "I am trying to find information about Oscar
SEREBRENIK and Miriam KOCH (my paternal aunt), specifically, their
marriage and their travel permits to Palestine in/about 1938. In
looking at the LDS database, data such as permits, etc are filed
in a very specific way, but NOT alphabetically. The rules are
somewhat confusing to me so I am asking for help to clarify, and
hopefully, find the correct film roll so that I can review the
documents. ... The category seems to Meldeamt/Meldezettel."

The answer to Milton's question is here in Peter Lowe's article on
the LDS films on the Austria-Czech SIG website. I must admit I have
never used the system, but I know others have been successful:

You will be able to read about the complexity of the system. LDS have
only a small proportion of the 3 million or more Meldezettel held in
Vienna - and millions more [pre-1906] were disposed of as superfluous
to needs.
To see them in location in the Gasometer archives is indeed wonderous.
It also saves having to use this system as someone else pulls them out
for you. Of course the public is not allowed access - once misfiled you
would never find the Meldezettel again!

The Prague Conscriptions {Meldezettel} also have a confusing method of
alphabetical {partially phonetic} indexing:

but here we will soon have most of them digitised - surely one of the
most valuable genealogical resources for Habsburg Jews {and non-Jews!}
we have today:

They have just been updated {July 1st 2009} and now include 1,140,373
records up to the end of letter O. We can find OSERS Aron Veit born in
1762 and all his family on-line: OSERS Aron Veit (1762) - Sara (1792);
Marie (1815); Julie (1818), Veit (1817). He would be smiling, I am sure
at this turn of events.

Celia Male - London, U.K.

P.S. There is a website which helps you target the right LDS film related to
Vienna Meldezettel:

MODERATOR NOTE: The second Czech URL above is not currently responding,
but it is the address referenced in a link at the bottom of the first
Czech URL, in Celia's preceding paragraph.

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