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I just found a relative in the 1910 US Census. Rather than living
with his impoverished step mother, this 13 year old boy was living in
the Essex County Training School on Marston Street in Lawrence,
Massachusetts. Most of the fifty-some boys were aged 10-18, all were
'white'. They were listed as "pupils".

1. Was this a trade school for orphans or wards of the Court?

2. Was this a residential institution for 'at risk', truant or
incorrigible boys?

3. Who paid tuition?

4. Some pupils were also identified as 'inmates'. Why?

5. 'L' and 'O' were sometimes added in the body of the census sheet.
These are not margin notes. Any clue what those designations might

6. Is there a way to learn how long the child was a resident, or when
he was initially enrolled?

I am hoping there are some kind and knowledgeable souls among you who
can help me find out more.

Shirley Ginzburg
Santa Cruz County, California

seeking: SHLUGER/SHLAGER Boston area and Ostrog/Shepetovka Ukraine

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