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yehuda frischman

I wanted to add two more interesting tidbits to my post about the our
SILBERT/SHOUFMAN family last week:

To review: Many years ago, my late aunt, Sarah SILBERT PINX, wrote a
brief family telling of her grandparents Sholem and Passye SHOUFMAN,
and Meier and Mariam SILBERT, as well as her parents (my grandparents)
Leizer and Malka SILBERT, their life in Bessarabia (She writes that
she was born in Ananiev), the pogroms there, and the decision of my
zeide Meier and later, his son my zeide Leizer to come to Canada.

As I mentioned, Zeide Meier, ever the pioneer, saw the writing on the
wall, and with ever more increasing antisemitism in Bessarabia,
decided to make a fresh start, came to Canada in the 1880s and helped
build the Canadian Transcontinental railroad. My grandparents, Zeide
Leizer and Babba Malka, though came later, arriving in January 1908,
after surviving terrible pogroms.

What I didn't tell you, though, was that Babba Malka's parents, zeide
Sholem and Babba Passye had many, many children, something like 18
(though I am not sure of the number, I am cc'ing this to cousins who
perhaps can correct me!). When Babba Malka said goodbye to her
parents, she never heard >from them again, though she repeatedly
attempted wrote them. She always suspected that they were massacred
in pogroms, but how can we ever know?

But one other interesting tidbit that we hope someday we can resolve
is that Babba Malka on more than one occasion mentioned that the great
violin virtuoso, Nathan MILSTEIN, was a cousin. I wonder if anyone
has any thoughts on how to verify this?

Yehuda Frischman, L.Ac, CST, SER

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