The Conference Hotel is Almost Fully Booked #germany

Chuck Weinstein <cmw521@...>

The Seattle Sheraton Hotel has booked all of the available rooms for the
Conference and has only a handful of deluxe rooms left. They are pricing
the deluxe rooms at $239 for Conference attendees. These rooms are
available at other times for $379 per night. Once these rooms are booked,
there will be no more room at the Conference Hotel.

We have made arrangements with the Hyatt Olive 8 hotel, about 4 blocks from
the Sheraton, for a limited number of rooms at $289 per night. Given that
the Conference coincides with the height of the tourism season, and there
are no other major hotels downtown with rooms available, this was the best
we could do. The Hyatt will give that rate to Conference attendees who use
the following link:
The website is being updated to reflect that information.

As you can tell, Seattle is the place to be, August 7-12. Make your plans
to attend the Conference and reserve your space if you have not already done
so. And if you have not reserved your meals or banquet tickets, you should
do so soon before they sell out. Most of our computer labs have been
waitlisted, and we are arranging to add additional labs. We will not be
able to do that with the meals. See you in Seattle!

Chuck Weinstein, Co-chair
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