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Hello All,

I'm hoping soneone can' give me a lead. This relationship may be a bit
complicated, and I'll try to be brief. My collateral granduncle (son of my
step ggreat grandmother) married Annie Ober. The name was abbreviated >from
Obersitzky. On the website, I found a notice about guests
visiting Catskell cottages in 1917. My great uncle, Julius Cohn was one of
the guests. With him was Mr. & Mrs. L. Ober and Miss Flora Cohn. I have
been trying to find any information on L. Ober. I sent away for a few
marriage and death certs - not him.

But, my big mission is to find the correct Flora Cohn - not easy to do. The
ultimate goal here is to link her to my paternal grandmother's family, as
I'm sure there is some relationship. The family name is Cohn, but there is
no Flora's in that immediate family. There is a Flora who died ten years
earlier in a family I'm trying to connect to my Cohn family.

So, I've decided to search for Ober, as the Cohn family was close to them.
Any leads would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Barbara Kiersh
Jacksonville, FL

Searching: Cohn, Lazarus, Kessler, Fallick/Falik, Herold,
Blitz, Loevin, Kiersh

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